Terms of booking

When you make a reservation,


  1. You have to be vaccinated at least 2 times.  
  2. You must be at least 18 years old. 
  3. All tickets will be sent to customers via email. 
  4. The customer is also responsible for payment. 
  5. To collect tickets that are booked online: Please bring a copy of your email receipt to the Pier of Departure – Gate 1, Sihanoukville Port Autonomous. You can show the receipt on a Smart Phone or a printout. If you do not have proof of purchase you may not be able to board the ferry.
  6. Feravitel will not be liable for any loss of property or possible injury. 
  7. Passengers must take care of their safety and personal belongings.
  8. Feravitel strives to maintain the advertised departure time. If unforeseen weather and adverse circumstances occur, the departure time may be changed or canceled.
  9. Tickets will not be refunded unless the cancellation is made by us.
  10. Passengers must arrive at the boat dock at least 30 minutes before departure.
  11. If you miss your departure time, you will be able to move on later if you have a seat.  However, in busy times, especially in the high season (October-April), Feravitel can not guarantee.
  12. Children under 5 years old enjoy free tickets, they have to sit on their parent's lap.
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